Red Dragons


“Lady Rose” - Rose “Hong Mei” Lin (林紅玫)

Lady Rose grew up in San Lazaro, part of a fifth-generation Taiwanese-American family. Despite a promising early life, she joined the notorious Red Dragon gang after dropping out of San Lazaro State University. Alongside her older brother, she rose quickly through the ranks; both siblings possessed considerable intelligence and ‘street smarts’. However, her brother was killed in a gang battle three years ago. Lady Rose blamed Horace Zhao (Red Dragon boss at the time) and still harbors a desire for revenge. However, her undeniable skill has allowed her to gain the trust and loyalty of most of the Red Dragons.

Lady Rose is just 4’ 11’’ tall and though she is in fact thirty-two, could easily pass for twenty-two. Despite her diminutive size, she is strikingly beautiful and projects a cold calm befitting a career criminal. Her best friend is ‘Little’ Jenny Tsang, her childhood friend and bodyguard.

Lady Rose always carries an attractive Chinese fan, the points of which contain deadly poison.


“Little” Jenny Tsang

A lifelong San Lazaro resident of Cantonese descent, Little Jenny was always a target for bullies because of her size. She met Lady Rose in junior high and when Lady Rose bet on Little Jenny in a fight, her confidence was rewarded – Little Jenny knocked a boy out cold. As the pair grew up and eventually joined the Red Dragons, Little Jenny became Lady Rose’s bodyguard and confidante. She has foiled several attempts on her friend’s life and has personally ‘silenced’ some of Rose’s most vocal critics.

Six feet tall, with a chubby face and strong frame, Little Jenny cuts an imposing figure. Her black hair is usually pulled tight in a compact bun. Her gang tattoos cover much of her arms and neck and also conceal illegal cybernetic implants - these augment any physical strike.  She also arms herself with a Tec 9 equipped with an extended magazine.

Little Jenny plays the role of bodyguard well and appears grim and threatening. She only lets her guard down when alone with Lady Rose.


Jeff "Rhino" Xu

Rhino was born in Los Diablos to immigrant parents from Northern China. He acquired his business acumen and negotiating skills from his mother and father, who turned a single grocery store into a successful chain. Always searching for other sources of income, Rhino also worked with local Asian gangs in LD, supplying them with ammo, explosives and drugs. He soon came to the attention of gangster Horace Zhao, who recruited him to the Red Dragons of San Lazaro. When Zhao was overthrown by Lady Rose, Rhino persuaded her to keep him on and he remains her only male lieutenant.

Rhino is 6’ 2’’, and very broad and muscular; hence his nickname. Often assumed to be a thug or bodyguard, Rhino is in fact a sly, cerebral character. Now thirty-three, he is very concerned about his parents back in LD since San Lazaro was cut off. Although he is an excellent negotiator and tactician, these skills do not translate to the world of romance; Rhino doesn’t have much luck with the ladies, who tend to view him as sleazy. He generally wears a black suit and tie, which conceal a trusty knife and a CK 75C pistol.


Nikki "H3X" Brown

H3x grew up in a very poor San Lazaro neighborhood. Her single mother and four siblings constantly struggled and H3x swiftly learned to fend for herself. Her skill with technology enabled her to steal in-game currency and convert it into cash. Soon she had earned enough to settle her mom’s debts and move out. H3x quit high school and followed her own path, working as a freelance hacker. She is expert at infiltrating and manipulating systems (while always covering her tracks). She worked for a variety of criminal and political organisations until Lady Rose made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: Rose offers H3x protection and in return takes a cut of her earnings.

H3x is 5’ 5’’ tall and twenty-four years old. She styles her hair in a mohawk and likes to wear eccentric clothes and fancy sneakers. Contained within her head and hands are cybernetic implants to assist with her work. H3x is essentially a self-reliant loner but she can be charming and witty. She feels some remorse when exploiting others and generally tries to target the rich. She always ensures that a certain percentage of her earnings is donated (anonymously) to her mother.


Aulia "Gudu" Saabiq

Gudu was born in West Sumatra and began training in the martial art of Silat aged twelve. She excelled immediately but her cruel streak concerned her instructors; she was later expelled from three training schools. Later, she moved to Hong Kong to work as a housekeeper, sending some of her earnings back to her parents. When she started dating a young triad gangster, her obvious fighting skills drew the attention of a local boss. She began working as his debt collector and when he moved to San Lazaro, she went with him. Later recruited by Lady Rose, Gudu is now one of the most feared enforcers within the city.

Gudu is 5’ 2’’ tall and covered in scars from her years of fighting, including one very prominent mark above her right eye. She trains every day and loves to prove herself by taking on larger foes (preferably male). Gudu possesses a black-market implant that allows her to heal quickly. She is always armed with her karambit (curved knife) and – since the crisis began – her klewang (machete). Gudu is street-smart, ruthless and vicious; though she does still send money to her parents in Indonesia.


Kohana “Fei” Sanchez-Vicario

Fei has a very exotic heritage, being part Colombian, part Mexican and part Native American (Sioux). She was born in San Lazaro and because the family had little money, she and her brother Ohanzee sometimes lived on the streets. Fei worked from a young age, delivering messages and packages around the city. She earned a reputation as a speedy, evasive courier and was eventually recruited to the Red Dragon gang. Over twenty years, she has moved up the ranks to become an associate of Lady Rose.  Reliable and hard-working, she is a valued lieutenant.

Now in her mid-40s, Fei is 5’ 5’’ and still very athletic and lean. She maintains a remarkable degree of fitness and is a very capable climber and a talented runner. Fei wears an adaptive suit that allows her to control her body temperature and blend in to her environment. Though sometimes gruff when working, Fei is surprisingly outgoing because she understands the value of knowing the city and its inhabitants. Currently single, Fei has in the past had relationships with both men and women.