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Madoc “Lucky” Lee

Born to an Irish mother and a Chinese father, Lucky was orphaned aged ten and has since made a living for himself on the streets. That life was forced upon him, but he embraced it with a smile, as he does all things. He always seems to escape tough situations by the skin of his teeth – even when everyone expects him to fail – and this reputation has earned him his nickname.

Intelligent and compassionate, Lucky enjoys helping those in need, and does what he can to protect them. He is a fast learner and a diligent worker, despite being a little flighty. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and will often venture into places that others avoid. He isn’t above petty theft but will always try to ensure that no one gets hurt in the process. He is more than capable of defending himself, often outwitting those who underestimate him due to his size and age.

Lucky is 19. He is 5’8’’, very quick, agile and able to sneak past anyone or anything. His favorite weapon, a collapsible recurve bow, is equipped with non-lethal kinetic pulse arrows.

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Maverick "Thug" Jones

“Thug” used to be an appropriate nickname for Maverick. Scars and tattoos cover his face and arms; he’s tall, muscular and weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds. He carries a four-feet-long steel pipe wherever he goes: not the sort of guy you’d want to encounter in a dark alley. But Thug is a different man now – his nickname has become ironic.

Not much is known about his childhood, other than he was a high school drop-out who became involved with a gang. At 18, he was arrested for a serious crime and served a ten-year sentence before being released early for good behavior. His time in jail helped him to see that he didn’t want to waste his life. Now 28, he was released less than a year ago, and vowed to stay on the right path. Humble and kind, Thug appreciates his close relationships with the other Survivalists. He’s grateful that they’ve given him a chance and will step up to protect his compatriots.

Thug despises any sort of ranged weapons, much preferring the reliable pipe he affectionately calls “Rusty”. While in jail, he acquired some implants that enhance strength, vision and hearing.

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Kyanna “Artemis” Osei

Artemis combines physical strength and skill with an enviable intellect. Originally from the Midwest, the young Kyanna Osei was a brilliant student and an excellent player of basketball and tennis. She later won archery gold in the University Games and represented the USA at the 2036 Taipei Olympics. She graduated with an honors degree in computer science and joined a local start-up as a software engineer. She rose to the position of VP of Engineering and established herself as a leading expert in encryption.

Kyanna is of African-American descent, her parents hailing originally from Ghana. At 5’11’’, she is unusually tall and powerfully built. She is currently in a relationship with Valinda; the pair share a love of prepping and the wilderness.  Now in her mid-30s, Artemis is a very able and stealthy hunter though she’s yet to reach the expert levels of Valinda. She generally arms herself with a recurve bow and a selection of arrows, knives and axes.

Artemis combines a friendly, welcoming persona with a commanding will. Fiercely loyal, she will often intervene in arguments and protect her friends. Artemis can also be very confrontational when she sees injustices committed by law enforcers.

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Mou-Man "Gadget" Ko

A fifth generation Chinese American, Mou-Man has lived in San Lazaro all his life. The family have owned Auto Technical Solutions (ATS) for decades and he has worked there since he could hold a wrench.  Those who know him call him “Gadget” for all the tools and devices he modifies and builds in his spare time.

Gadget is in his fifties; small in stature and weathered from decades of long hours and hard work. He divorced five years previously but his two sons still live in San Lazaro and visit every other weekend. Gadget is also very supportive of local youths in need of work and shelter. Youngsters from past and present form a kind of adopted family centered around the ATS workshop. Two of his favorites are Lucky and Thug, who remain eternally grateful for their mentor’s generosity.

As a mechanic, Gadget combines traditional skills with technical innovation. He has also developed a device that allows him to control computers and cybernetic systems. The Remote Intercept Cyber-Hacker (RICH) has proved very useful on several occasions. Outside the shop, Gadget is a well-practiced marksman and he favors an old-fashioned M1918 Browning Auto Rifle.

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Valinda “Seeker” Vasquez

‘Seeker’ is an expert tracker who can find and forage like no other. The daughter of Peruvian immigrants, she has spent her whole life in San Lazaro. Valinda was just a teen when she lost her father during a family camping expedition. She took his death hard but it taught her a valuable lesson and she is now a supremely well-organised and well-prepared person. The tragedy did not put her off the outdoors and she is a long-standing member of the San Lazaro Wilderness Club. Her practical abilities are also greatly valued in her regular job as nurse at San Lazaro University Hospital.

Seeker is in her early 30’s; 5’ 2’’ and solidly built. Although she can be cold and logical, as a nurse, she also has a caring side. Seeker’s most important relationship is her ongoing romance with fellow Survivalist Kyanna ‘Artemis’ Osei.

After a lifetime spent in the wild, Seeker is skilled in tracking, hunting, trapping and foraging. Exceptionally agile and dexterous, if Seeker doesn’t want to be seen, she won’t be. Typically armed with a sling, a machete and various knives, she prefers not to use guns.

Sergiy Dynamic Pose - FINAL.png

Sergiy Vovk

Sergiy is an intellectual problem-solver with a dark side. Hailing originally from the Ukraine, he was forced to leave during the conflict with Russia. He first arrived in the US twenty years ago on a visitor’s visa and when it ran out, he decided to permanently make his home in San Lazaro. Sergiy was a successful concert pianist in Kiev but when the Russians invaded, his affiliation with the Ukrainian resistance attracted a lot of unwanted attention. He had no choice but to leave.

Sergiy is in his 50’s; a tall, lean man with grey hair. His once priceless hands are now calloused from the all the odd jobs he has done. He can seem quite cold and gruff but is fiercely loyal to his friends. After a few shots of vodka, Sergiy can become opinionated and rowdy. When truly riled, he will unleash hell on his foes.

He met Karina ‘Bolt’ Ivanova through her aunt and taught the youngster piano for a while. The pair are still close; in fact, he treats her like a daughter. A thinker and a warrior, Sergiy is highly valued by the Survivalists.