Thanks for checking us out!

We are now in private beta testing phase. If you are interested in helping us blind playtest the game with friends or at your friendly local game store (FLGS), all you need to “qualify” (it’s very easy to qualify) is:

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, just send us a note and we can give you access or we can schedule a live demo/playtest session with you.

For those who are not local, we’re looking for people who:

  1. Have never played the game before OR have friends or local community who have never played it before and would like to try.

  2. Are willing to learn or teach the game from reading the draft rulebook alone.

  3. Can commit to filling out a playtest survey after each game to help us improve the game.

If you satisfy the above 3 criteria, contact us at with your name and provide the following information:

  • Your favorite board game

  • Your favorite miniatures game

  • How you heard about us

We will then provide print and play files including character cards and standees, game board, rules, etc. You will need to provide your own dice and various tokens and counters.

We’ll also ask you to join our private FB group for playtesters to ask questions and discuss.

Hopefully after a couple months of blind and regular playtests, we’ll be able to provide the Print and Play to the wide public. So keep your eyes out on our social media or newsletters to see when that happens.

Learn to Play

Coming soon!