Omicron Protocol is an “intra-apocalyptic”, squad-based arena combat miniatures game that also lets you control a 3rd party enemy to use against your opponent. 2-4 players battle it out (or you can play a solo mode too!) with their squads through various scenarios, to see which faction will survive and escape! 

In the year 2050, the once utopian city of San Lazaro was crippled by a mysterious virus. Quarantined and cut off from the rest of the world, the survivors band together in order to escape the city before they too succumb to the infection. The only thing standing between them and salvation are the rival factions looking to accomplish their own goals in this chaos, and the “CyMS”; once ordinary people that have grown maddeningly violent and unpredictable for reasons unknown. 


The Cyber-Memetic Sociopaths (CyMS) are a constant threat to both sides, and you alternately control them to harass your opponent! This adds more tactical depth for all players compared to using basic AI to control the CyMS.


Omicron Protocol offers a seamless experience where the game mechanics represent the world and each character is fully realized by their story and special abilities.


The game mechanics have been ruthlessly streamlined to eliminate complex rules but offer complex choices. The different combinations of factions, characters, scenarios, and CyMS behavior make the game almost infinitely replayable. A game can be played in less than an hour!


Our community is our backbone and they have spoken! They want a solo mode! We love this idea and believe we can set ourselves apart from other skirmish miniature games by using our 3rd party enemy to craft a fun and challenging solo experience. This will not delay the game as the rules will be downloadable via PDF and use all the existing pieces in the Core Box.


The following descriptions and short videos will teach you the basic mechanics of Omicron Protocol! To watch each of the videos separately, click on the links below the images. For more detailed playthrough videos, check out The Hungry Gamer or The Casual Meeple preview videos, or stay tuned for our playthrough videos that’s coming soon!


There are multiple ways to score: Complete scenario objectives, knocking out your opponent characters, or KO-ing CyMS.  The person with the highest total points after 3-5 rounds WIN!


Check out our first FULL game playthrough, with tactical discussions, of the scenario, "Hands On Research" in the video below.  You will get the most out of this video if you have some basic knowledge of the game rules from the 6 "Learn to Play" videos above, or our Quick Start Guide.


Our 2nd gameplay video features the SHORT game mode, using the exact same scenario we played above.  We also call this the "lunch time version" because of how quickly you  can play it while still getting most of the experience of the game, in less than 45 min!


Check out the our teach and play video via Tabletop Simulator (TTS) with Tobi from the Bier und Brezel Youtube Channel!  The video is also available in German too!


You can play the game too on TTS right below!


Omicron Protocol the game comes with a fully realized world built by its creators. In addition to a biography, each character also has a backstory that gives you insight into his or her personality. 

Above was a short introduction to the “intra-apocalyptic” state of the world. More than SIXTY thousand words have been written, with tens of thousands more still to go before the first "season" is complete.  

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Check out some preview videos and interviews here!