These people lose moral direction; it all becomes about the next fix of mayhem. There are several documented cases of such individuals seeking to replicate game-based violence in real life. In fact, they often imitate specific techniques and methods of killing. Some of my fellow researchers have coined a phrase for these individuals – “Cyber Memetic Sociopaths”. The term is sometimes shortened to “CyMS”.
— Professor Malcolm Biederman

Welcome to the world of Omicron Protocol!  Check out San Lazaro, its citizens, and the various factions that have banded together to survive a collapsing society. 

Everything can change in a month. The cutting edge West Coast city of San Lazaro had been the epicenter of a cybernetics tech revolution in 2044, ushering all of humanity into the future...but in the year 2050, a mysterious viral menace the likes of which the world had never seen toppled the utopian city in a sea of infection and death. The disease could not be stopped; it evolved to surpass any countermeasure, mutated to answer any cure. In mere days San Lazaro was overwhelmed by the infected.

Martial law descended on the city immediately. Barricades and armed soldiers divided its streets into isolated sectors. Efforts to contain the outbreak were as useless as the attempts to control the surging numbers of mysteriously insane and violent residents, a second catastrophe on the heels of the first. Dubbed ‘Cyber-Memetic Sociopaths’ by the media, with their actions being blamed on an over-immersion in virtual reality, these ‘CyMS’ were spreading across the city in a wave of mindless, indiscriminate violence. With the infection spreading and the murderous CyMS rampaging, the government abandoned San Lazaro and its people after a mere two weeks.

All that remains of the city now is a twisted hellscape. The few survivors have banded together in hopes of escaping, while gangs once suppressed by the government have seized control. The CyMS have grown into a constant threat on the streets, sowing fear and terror in their path. In this waking nightmare, your only chance of salvation is to join a faction powerful enough to dominate the foes that stand in your way.



When the police and military were ordered to evacuate San Lazaro, some disobeyed. Either they couldn't abandon the citizens, needed to figure out what was going on, or stayed for personal reasons. These courageous individuals banded together and set up a base in the downtown police station under the unofficial leadership of Buck McDonnell. Commanding this disparate but committed group, Buck tries to keep the peace and help people where he can. Some are working around the clock investigating the viral outbreak and the media blackout. Though Buck appreciates the contribution of them all, there are a few whose true motivations remain a mystery.



A group consisting of society’s misfits; those who either could not or would not be part of the establishment. This faction believes in helping each other and those in need, as well as preparing for any further disasters that may befall them.  Gadget's auto shop serves as the group’s headquarters. Here they hang out and meet to discuss important issues ranging from how to aid the homeless or what new tools or techniques then can devise to survive the hell of San Lazaro. Most of the group members are either too poor or too distrustful of cybernetics to have any implants installed, making them even more alienated from a society that has become obsessed with cyber-technology.


As a faction, all the animals have been mysteriously “enlightened”, where their intelligence has been boosted by many levels.  Nobody knows why this happened, even the animals themselves. As they now learn to cope with their newfound intelligence and awareness of the world, as well as communicating with different species via limited telepathy, many of the enlightened animals have banded together to protect themselves and learn what has gone wrong with the world.  For also unknown reasons, many of them are wired to hate CyMS and normally attack them on sight.

Red Dragons

The Red Dragons San Lazaro’s most powerful street gang. Originally a Chinese triad, it has recently opened up its ranks to people of all backgrounds under the leadership of the ambitious and ruthless “Lady Rose”. The top lieutenants consist mostly of women who helped Lady Rose ascend to her place of power. This faction is out for survival and profit by whatever means necessary. They are known to use a nanotech poison of their own design to overcome enemies and victims quickly.