Lieutenant Marty “Buck” McDonnell

Lieutenant Marty McDonnell, otherwise known as “Buck,” is a skilled and experienced member of the Peacemaker faction. Now forty-three, Buck was born and raised in San Lazaro and he followed his father and grandfather into the police force.  A tough, hardened veteran, Buck has no time for nonsense. He has a remarkable tenacity and ability to control a crowd, which has proved useful during the crisis. He has never shied away from his duties and he possesses a steely determination unusual even amongst his colleagues.

Tall and broad, Buck has a slight paunch and greying fair hair. He still wears his blue SLPD uniform (plus a bullet-proof vest). His preferred weapon is a shotgun. Buck has modified the weapon to use ‘shock shell’ ammunition for crowd control.

Buck knows San Lazaro exceptionally well: from every detail of geography and infrastructure to the nature and organization of the city’s criminal gangs. He has vowed to uphold law and order to the best of his ability, even during the current difficulties. There was no other choice for leader of the Peacemakers. Buck is the right man for the job.

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Special Agent "Pai" Tongsukum

Though small in stature, Pai is not to be underestimated. Originally from Thailand, she graduated from the University of Bangkok with a BA in computer science. Admitted to the United States via a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, she initially studied law then successfully applied to join the FBI. After a varied career as an agent, she was assigned to a cyber-crime unit based in San Lazaro. She speaks both Thai and English fluently.

Only 5’2’’, Pai maintains the strong level of fitness required for her work. She wears casual but smart clothing and is never without the traditional Buddha pendant given to her by her grandmother. Despite her scientific mind, Pai believes the pendant has brought her luck. As an agent, she always carries a semi-automatic pistol. Additionally, she is equipped with a wrist-mounted computer that allows her to monitor official communications and infiltrate systems.

Pai is a polite, respectful person and not one to act hastily. She applies her logical mind to situations; collecting information before acting decisively. She is also selfless and always thinks of others before herself.

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Corporal Karina "Bolt" Ivanova

Bolt is a crack shot and quietly lethal member of the Peacemakers. Born in Volgograd, Russia, her mother died in childbirth and she was raised by her father.  A hunter and expert marksman, Alexei Ivanov trained his daughter well. When he too passed away in her fourteenth year, she went to live with her closest living relative – an aunt in San Lazaro. Determined to educate herself and protect her adopted homeland, she joined the Marines at eighteen. Bolt was later recruited to several elite covert groups and operated across the Middle East, eventually achieving 75 confirmed kills. Only two months ago, she joined the National Guard as a marksmanship instructor.

Bolt is tall and in excellent physical condition. Now twenty-eight, she is professionally confident but naturally a quiet person who can feel awkward in social situations. This is in part due to the slight accent that she retains from her childhood. Some of the Peacemakers consider her ruthless but Karina wrestles with the moral implications of every kill.

Bolt has acquired implants to assist with communication and vision. Her preferred weapon is the Russian Lukov SVX sniper rifle.

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Specialist J.C. "Nix" Reyes

Nix seems like a loner but is in fact one of the most valued members of the Peacemakers. He grew up in Southern Lazarus, son of Mexican immigrants. J.C. was a good student until high school, where he became a member of a juvenile gang. However, he soon grasped the futility of gang life and got himself back on track. Doubling down on his studies, he was determined to leave his tough neighborhood behind. At eighteen, Nix joined the 75th Ranger Regiment. After eight years of outstanding service, he was honorably discharged and went on to join the CIA as an independent contractor.

J.C. is average height; athletic and muscular. He also boasts many tattoos – a few from his gang days, most from the army. Perhaps due to his varied background, Nix can sometimes be secretive and suspicious. He has always depended on himself and is more comfortable operating alone. Others interpret this as a lack of loyalty but Nix simply lives by his own rules.

Implants focusing on stealth, noise reduction and communication allow him to move undetected. Nix always carries an imaginative and varied selection of knives and other bladed weapons.

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Detective Jim "Flash" Taylor

‘Flash’ is a veteran detective with an unparalleled ability to solve mysteries. Taylor has been with the San Lazaro Homicide division for over twenty years. Divorced and childless, his focus on his work has allowed him to close numerous cases and command respect throughout the city. Though diligent and perceptive, his work has made him profoundly cynical and the recent crisis has shocked him less than most; it’s almost as if he was expecting it.

Flash is African-American and of average height and build. His nickname comes from his penchant for smart suits though it’s not easy to remain stylish in San Lazaro these days. He is always armed with a revolver in a shoulder holster. His other essential piece of equipment is ‘Timmy’ (Telemetry Measurement Instrument) – a department issue drone capable of hovering and illuminating wide areas below, capturing images and searching for persons of interest.

Some of his fellow Peacemakers consider Flash to be aloof and it is true that a lifetime dealing with death has made him detached and clinical. He is a man haunted by ‘the ones that got away’ – all the murders that even he couldn’t solve.

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Sgt. Felix "Lance" Chevalier

Lance Chevalier is a positive, outgoing individual who always does his best. A French-Canadian, he was on his way home from a law-enforcement convention when he missed his connecting flight and spent the night in San Lazaro. Unfortunately, all subsequent flights were grounded and he found himself caught up in the crisis. As an officer of the Regal Canadian Cavalry, Lance possesses the training and expertise to survive. 

Lance has just turned thirty. He is of average height and possesses a slim, athletic build. He has dark hair, brown eyes and a fine mustache – the boyish good looks expected of a cavalry officer. Lance greatly enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. His boundless energy and enthusiasm can sometimes be tiresome for others but he is a great motivator. He could also be considered naïve in that he sees the good in everyone and feels that criminals have simply made bad choices. 

He also retains his impressive red uniform and employs a crowd control staff equipped with a striking flag and stun batons at either end. Lance’s preferred mode of transport is a powerful brown horse that he found in San Lazaro. He has named him ‘Charger’.