Cynfo Tech

49. The Research Console - Part 3

49. The Research Console - Part 3

Howl somehow knew this was the right area.

It’s here. Athena was circling above him.

Yes. Here. Howl leaped up onto the roof of a car and sat down. His special eyes allowed him to see many figures moving around.

What now? asked Athena.

We watch and we wait.

48. The Research Console - Part 2

48. The Research Console - Part 2

Nix crept through the bushes, only stopping when he had a good view of the CyMS.

He tapped his earlobe to use his coms implant. ‘Bolt, any more of them in the area?’

The Russian sniper was stationed in a nearby church tower, providing overwatch for the operation. Nix had never tried to capture one of these things before and he didn’t want anything to go wrong. As he’d learned with the Rangers, planning and prep were crucial.

46. The Research Console - Part 1

46.  The Research Console - Part 1

To: Interested Parties

From: Friends

If you are receiving this transmission, you clearly possess specialist equipment and knowledge. We are exploiting a weakness in the communications blackout surrounding San Lazaro but only have a short window of time to communicate. We are contacting you to present an offer that can benefit both sides. We do not currently wish to identify ourselves but please be assured that our intentions are good. Our aim is to cooperate with individuals and groups such as yourselves and work towards solving this crisis.

45. The Hacking Contest

45. The Hacking Contest

‘Are we ready, Winston?’ 

As usual, Mr. Arcadia was dressed in skinny jeans, button-up shirt and blazer. Winner had made an effort today by donning a jacket; partly to impress his boss but also because of the visitors. It was an important occasion; and he had to clear something up before they started.