Aureus Gate Park

43. What Do Animals Eat? Part 2

43. What Do Animals Eat?  Part 2

The herd of buffalo charged away across the paddock then gathered nervously on the far side. Walter found them impressive creatures, with their powerful bodies and thick brown fur. Some did look rather thin though.

That’s your fault, Bob, said Howl as he sat on the grass.

8. A Walk in the Park

8. A Walk in the Park

Artemis moved across the rubble, eyes scanning in every direction. Her left hand gripped her recurve bow, her right held an arrow at the ready. She never liked coming this way; the remaining walls of the warehouses could provide cover for Crazies or other enemies. In fact, she would have been a lot happier with Valinda along but in order to check all the traps before sundown, they’d had to split up. With every day that passed, food was becoming harder to obtain. She was surprised that any wildlife remained but the deer seemed to enjoy the open spaces and streams of Aureus Gate Park.