46. The Research Console - Part 1

46.  The Research Console - Part 1

To: Interested Parties

From: Friends

If you are receiving this transmission, you clearly possess specialist equipment and knowledge. We are exploiting a weakness in the communications blackout surrounding San Lazaro but only have a short window of time to communicate. We are contacting you to present an offer that can benefit both sides. We do not currently wish to identify ourselves but please be assured that our intentions are good. Our aim is to cooperate with individuals and groups such as yourselves and work towards solving this crisis.

43. What Do Animals Eat? Part 2

43. What Do Animals Eat?  Part 2

The herd of buffalo charged away across the paddock then gathered nervously on the far side. Walter found them impressive creatures, with their powerful bodies and thick brown fur. Some did look rather thin though.

That’s your fault, Bob, said Howl as he sat on the grass.

42. What Do Animals Eat? Part 1

42. What Do Animals Eat?  Part 1

Walter ran along the fence and dropped down beside Jugger. The elephant was standing on one of the main zoo paths, stripping bark from a tree with her tusks then eating it.

I didn’t know you liked that stuff.

It’s not bad, replied Jugger miserably. And there’s nothing else left.

Walter had done his best to help the group find food but it was especially difficult for the larger animals. He thought chimpanzees ate a lot but their appetites were small compared to Jugger or Bob the bear.

32. Save the Seals!

32. Save the Seals!

Walter awoke to the sound of Jugger’s roar. He swung down from the branch he’d been sleeping on and dropped to the ground. Even though he could now sleep anywhere in the zoo, he liked his old home in the ape house, especially the outside section. Looking at the sky, he reckoned the sun hadn’t been up long. He expected Jugger wanted him to do something; she usually did.

28. Fly Like an Eagle

28. Fly Like an Eagle

Athena was tired. She had been up patrolling the skies for much of the previous day and was now resting on her favorite perch – a metal strut close to the elephant enclosure. Below, the other animals were gathered, eating from a box of fruit that Walter had found somewhere.

26. Strange Packfellows

26. Strange Packfellows

The animals had decided that they needed to keep watch. It made sense that Howl and Athena – with their exceptional eyesight – should guard them during the night. On this particular night, Howl took the first watch. He sat on a small hill above where the other animals slept, close to Jugger’s enclosure. Before the Awakening and all the humans had left, the hill was a place where they gathered at tables to sit and eat food. To keep himself awake, Howl would regularly lope around to get different views of the area. His eyes were so good that he could occasionally even make out the humans far beyond the zoo.

23. A Cage of One's Own Making

23. A Cage of One's Own Making

Jugger knew things were different. Before the Awakening, she understood almost nothing of what her handler said. She had three handlers actually, but was most fond of Annie, who’d been there from the beginning. Before the Awakening, she hadn’t even known Annie’s name but now everything was a lot clearer.