Tabletop Quality Bronze Statue

Kublacon was great fun but the week leading up to it was hectic! Bernie and I each had our different goals to accomplish and mine was to have all the painting done for our 2 demo games. At the last minute we realized we didn't have good central piece of terrain for "The Airdrop" scenario, the only issue was I already had 2 models to paint and only one night after work to do it. I decided to try to paint it up as quickly as possible by whatever means necessary. It came off pretty well so I thought I'd share...


First step was to prime the model, I chose to do a poor-man's zenithal priming for some pre-highlights. I only had some Rustoleum paint & primer in black & white so I skipped the middle gray step.


Base coat

Next I added a a few base coats with a 30/70 of Citadel's Hashut Copper and Ironbreaker, hoping for a result that looked like bronze. I also gave the base a couple quick coats of Dawnstone gray - embarrassingly thick coats.


Cheat to Win!

Next I added a some Nuln Oil to deepen the shadows and let that dry. Then I mixed a highlight color of 30/70 Hashut Copper and Runefang Steel and did a top-down dry brush to pick out the edges. Then it was time for the biggest speed boost: Nihilakh Oxide, also from Citadel. I applied this stuff generously to the horse, letting it accumulate in the recesses of the model, and then wiped exposed areas with a paper towel until the balance was right.


Final steps

I added a few more layers of Nuln Oil to the underside of the model to darken some shadows and create more contrast. Just in time to spritz it with some matte varnish and have it ready for our demo at Kublacon!

The Airdrop Scrum 01.jpg