Pro Photo Shoot!

At long last we have all 12 of our first 2 faction models painted as well as I am able. I finished Lance and fixed a few odds & ends (Pai’s Buddha pendant, finally) with just enough time to spritz the models with a little Dull Coat and have it barely set for the photo shoot on Sunday. All that work paid off when we got to see how awesome our models look through the lens of Nik Pledger’s camera.

We spent 10 hours arranging scenes of the various characters for ads, our KS page, and eventually the rule book. I had never been on a photo shoot before, but according to Nik and his assistant Wes, we made really good time getting a lot of quality shots without too much fuss. All I know is we are so excited to see the our characters coming to life.


We can’t wait to show you more, but we have edits to do and more sessions ahead of us. What would you like to see? Any story you want to see told on screen?