Building a Diorama - Part 5 - Adepticon or Bust

Building a Diorama - Part 4

We made huge progress last week, in the space of an hour the task of completing this board in time for Adepticon went from seemingly impossible to nearly accomplished. Unfortunately, the picture was a little deceptive, as always the Devil’s in the details. In order for the demo board to be useful we needed to make a bunch of terrain. We got a little head start last week with some 3-hex bushes but we wanted all the terrain required for the scenarios in the rulebook, and we wanted some variety.



There is one scenario that requires 2 long 6-hex pieces and 2 7-hex pieces. Zack had the good idea to split these up into 2 pieces each combining other smaller terrain pieces needed for other scenarios.


With those big pieces taken care of, it was all about creating variety. I searched for anything useful I could find to make interesting terrain pieces that would “look” 3d but that a model could stand on.


The biggest challenge with this part of this project (aside from finding the time) has been making terrain that is essentially 2d, but making it appear as 3d and interesting as possible. Getting this done was a huge weight off my shoulders. The board is playable and the terrain is good to go. Adepticon - here we come! Tomorrow, for extra credit, I am hoping to get the end-cap finished to bring along.

What do you think of the terrain? Any ideas for terrain that would translate well into 2d?