The Amazing BackerKit Demo!

Well, Brendan and I just got back from one of the funnest and most rewarding demos we’ve given in recent history, the demo to a bunch of our new friends at BackerKit! A bit shout out to Meah, George, Joe, John, and Antonio for hosting us, learning the game, keeping it fun, and giving extremely useful feedback to help us improve the game!

Let’s rewind a bit. Thanks to a former coworker of mine, whom after learning about Omicron Protocol, introduced me to George from BackerKit, since we were eventually going to launch this on Kickstarter. After a great lunch with George a few weeks ago, he invited us to come show the game to a group of his coworkers who were interested in the game.

We showed up after work on a Thursday evening, and set up for our usual demo. One thing that stood out immediately was, almost everyone read the intro story to Omicron Protocol! Wow! That was amazing to be able to immediately launch into the characters and talk about the world and their mission, without having to do any introductions.


Special award goes to Meah for being the only person we’ve ever demoed to who knew the background of every character like the back of her hand! You go girl! I think currently, besides Brendan and I, she probably knows the most about San Lazaro and its inhabitants. It’s moments like these that make it worth spending so much time world building and developing the story aspect of our game, even if it doesn’t directly impact the game itself. Thank you Meah!

In the end, it was a good time for all involved, and we are definitely very excited to show them other scenarios of the game or even the full game! And thanks to the feedback, Brendan and I spent the next 2 hours coming up with new ideas that would streamline the game and make it more fun, including:

  • Simplifying the health states of the CyMS

  • Changing how noise spawn works

  • Changing how AOE effects work

  • Updating the way the game rounds are determined

So a lot more work ahead of us, but the hospitality and fun that our BackerKit hosts provided today made it well worth it!

Till next time!