Red Dragons Rising

Many of you have seen some preview art of a few members of the Red Dragons, or heard us talking about them. Well, we can finally officially announce them now that the art for all 6 starting characters are complete, thanks to our amazing artist Viktor Kolodiazhniy (and Tania Gomes for putting the “group photo” together).

Besides this being Viktor’s first full faction artwork, it’s also the first faction that Brendan and I jointly designed together. For our first 3 factions, we each designed every character of the faction. When we got to Red Dragons, we felt that it would be more interesting (both in the game design space, as well as building the characters’ stories) if we split the faction up and designed the faction together.

I definitely think having both of us invested in the faction, and the much increased interaction between us to make sure the faction theme, mechanics, story, and characters feel cohesive and interesting, helped make this one of the most interesting factions we’ve come up with so far.

Like the Animals, as well as all our factions revealed so far, I will be going into the Red Dragons more in depth in a future blog. But I’ll point out some of the highlights of this faction:

  • If you haven’t noticed, it’s a faction of mostly female characters. This was intentional because we wanted to explore having a female-led faction (and a gang at that) who is thriving after the fall of San Lazaro, and how they view the crisis compared to the other factions.

  • This is our first “non-good” faction, in the story sense. It’s not our last one (hint hint).

  • The faction has the most teamwork and control-based mechanics so far, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them a “control” faction (stay tuned for that in a future faction).

Ultimately, Brendan and I had a blast designing this team together, and we’re definitely looking forward to designing all the future teams together too!

So, how do you like this team so far? Who is your favorite character (based on the bios)? Tell us in the comments!