Red Dragons Rising

Red Dragons Rising

Many of you have seen some preview art of a few members of the Red Dragons, or heard us talking about them. Well, we can finally officially announce them now that the art for all 6 starting characters are complete, thanks to our amazing artist Viktor Kolodiazhniy (and Tania Gomes for putting the “group photo” together).

Chimps, Elephants, and Bears. OH MY!

Chimps, Elephants, and Bears.  OH MY!

Many of you have heard us talking about this in passing, some have seen them in the wild, so to speak, and enthusiastic visitors of our website have seen them posted in the past week. But today, we would like to announce the 3rd team that we have designed, the Animals! Big thanks to Amit Thulasidasan for the character art and Viktor Kolodiazhniy for the faction logo.