RageCon, Here We Come!

It's crazy how fast a month goes by!  KublaCon just ended and now it's time for RageCon in Reno, NV.  Brendan and I have been looking forward to this Con for a while now, simply because the organizers seem very on-top of everything, the signup system is super easy to use, and the Game Lab organizers were very welcoming from day 1.  It's a smaller Con, but those are often the best because it's just that much more intimate and you really get to meet some great gamers.

As for the game, what has changed since KublaCon?  Well, we have tested and made a LOT of rules changes, thanks to the feedback from all the demos at KublaCon.  Hopefully all these changes will make the game much easier to learn without sacrificing the tactical depth too much.  We have 4 new characters defined, 2 in each of the Peacemakers and Survivalists factions.  The sculpts and 3D prints are still a few weeks off, but meet the new members to the family!


Flash Dynamic Pose - FINAL.png


The Investigator

Sergiy Dynamic Pose - FINAL.png


The "Berserker"

Seeker Dynamic Pose - FINAL.png


The Scout

Lance Dynamic Pose - FINAL.png


The Cheerleader

If you're anywhere near Reno, come by Saturday 6/23 afternoon to check out these 4 new characters in a brand new scenario, "The Vaccine"!  This scenario continues the story after "Hands On Research" and "The Airdrop", revealing more and more about the world of San Lazaro and how its citizens are coping with the chaos and lawlessness. 

I'll be sharing more photos of these characters painted up once we get our hands on the 3D prints.  Stay tuned!