Off-topic Hobby, Part 2

We’ve been working hard on Omicron Protocol, but we have also been striking a balance between work and play over the summer. I’ve been using my free time to do some painting. I promise we’ll be back to full blast OP soon, but in the meantime I may as well show you what I’m working on.

I finished the barbarian from last months hobby update and did a couple other warriors as well, I’ll be using these for Frostgrave, assuming I ever get a chance to play.

I’m pretty stoked on this guy, my first NMM armor!

I’m pretty stoked on this guy, my first NMM armor!

You can’t play Frostgrave without a wizard and her apprentice:


Finally, I just finished this ranger:


I still have a few models to go before I have a full crew. The work on these guys is pretty rough. I decided to focus on getting the light in all the right places, especially with regards to NMM, rather than working too hard on the technical aspects of making smooth blends. I think I’m making some pretty good progress. I have a couple more heavily armored models in the crew coming up so we shall see. I’ve been using Black, Dark Prussian Blue, Light Skin Tone, and White - all Vallejo - for most of my steel NMM. I have been experimenting with different yellows and golden browns for gold, early attempts are a little too yellow, I am now favoring Orange Ochre from Vallejo as my mid-tone base for gold.

We are edging ever closer to our relaunch and soon I should have some new OP models to paint, then I will return to some “on-topic” hobby posts, although I do have one super-secret project in the works which I will post about.

Let me know what you think and where I can improve in the comments!