The Bank Heist - Video Playthrough

Back in early summer we were looking for ways to involve you and the rest of our community more in the development of our game. Many of our game scenarios represent big plot points in our story arc, we had 2 scenarios ready which we had not written yet as stories and our friend William Brown at Hungry Gamer suggested we let our facebook community tell us what they wanted to see. First we had a vote on which scenario, and then assemble to the 2 teams to play.

Screen Shot 09-06-19 at 09.34 AM.PNG

Once we had that together we did a Facebook live video of the game. The outcome of this scenario actually changed the story of the game! Now we are happy to present the edited version. Huge thanks to William for organizing, filming, and editing this series and hosting it on his channel!

Don’t worry Animals & Survivalists fans, your day is coming soon!

Let us know what you think in the comments. If you have ideas of what you would like to see or ways that you want to be involved let us know!