Hobby Update - ON-topic!

Finally, some Omicron Protocol models to show off!

I put some work in on the new Pai sculpt. I really like the new pose, the difference is subtle but really represents her abilities well, the computer upgrade looks awesome. I love it.


I also got a lot of work done on our Jugger prototype. The 3d print is a little rough, we went homemade because she was going to cost us a couple hundred to print through Shapeways.


We are so excited to finally have some paint on this model. I’m going to do another pass on the mid-tones because she turned out a little darker than we want and the skin colors are a little too saturated. Otherwise we really like how she’s turning out.

I also made some more progress on my off-topic stuff. Up first are a couple more models fro my Frostrgrave crew…


I also painted up a special Guild Ball model for Bernie. The latest errata is out and Honour is going to be great again! I picked up the KS edition a while ago to surprise him with but it took a back seat to all of our game development. I’m stoked to get this done and very happy with how it turned out. Can’t wait to see her on the table.


Let me know what you think in the comments! Is there any particular model you are excited to see?