Lance WIP part 2

I had another very fun painting session on the Epic Duck Studios twitch stream on Sunday. I took some time to catch up on base coating during the week so I was able to get right into really defining volumes on the model. I’ve been focusing on improving my painting in a lot of areas, with special attention on creating greater contrast. With that in mind, I’m pretty happy with how the shadows on the horse and the red jacket are turning out.


I also added some very sketchy highlights to the horse and glazed them down with some dark brown. I’m not super happy with it right now and will probably focus my next session on getting the horse where I want it to be. For whatever reason, painting brown has become difficult for me, I think I just need to work through it.


I worked on his face a little bit, defining his jawline and cheek bones, his eyes and nose, and of course - his glorious mustache.

How’s he looking? What is your method for highlighting browns? Let us know in the comments.