Omicron Protocol on Kickstarter NOW!

Our WIP this week is our Kickstarter campaign. We spent many hours in the last couple of weeks solidifying numbers, creating graphics, writing about all the details of our game and campaign, and then ruthlessly cutting half of it away. We really hope you like the results!

Our team has worked extra hard along with us and we can’t thank them enough. Probably my favorite graphic on the page is this one:


And of course we have some special ads running as well, thanks to Nik Pledger for his excellent photos.


If you haven’t checked our page yet head over there and let us know what you think! And back our awesome game!

Take me there already!

P.S. If you’re in the Bay Area come find us at KublaCon this weekend. We are sponsoring some painting events and giving some stuff away. Best of all we’ll be there to demo the game!