What a fun GenCon!


A week has passed since Brendan and I got back from GenCon.  What an experience!  It was my 3rd time there, but I still feel like a child in a candy shop.  It was Brendan's first time so he definitely had a lot of shock and awe moments.  The best part about it is that we had time to check out the Exhibit Hall, play a few very good games (Great Western Trail, Phoenix Syndicate, Frostgrave, Walking Dead Minis Game, and of course, the amazing True Dungeon), AND also demo our game to over a dozen new players through Double Exposure's First Experience Playtest Hall.  



Speaking of the FEPH, that was a spectacular experience, especially seeing OOOC (Order out of Chaos, pronounced "oook") in action.  We got mostly boardgame players who have never played tabletop games before, which was the exact demographic we wanted to test Omicron Protocol on, as we're trying to be the "gateway miniatures game for boardgamers."  Feedback was very positive and helpful, and all the gamers we met were super supportive of the game.  


GenCon was always one of the big milestones for us, getting the demo ready and all the models in near-production shape.  Now that its over, the next phase of development is for us to:


1. Create more factions (Animals and Red Dragons coming!)

2. Balance the full game via playtesting with our friends.

3. Produce some prototypes of the game.

4. Do more demos around the SF Bay Area as well as more conventions.

Exciting times coming, so stay tuned, follow our blog or our social networks, and feel free to reach out if you want to playtest or have questions about the game!